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Welcome to Blackpool Music Academy

Music has an amazing ability to touch people in so many different ways. It can make you sing, it can make you dance, it can make you happy or sad, and it can take you back in time to when you first heard a particular song or remind you of certain people in your life. It can also be the source of great inspiration and motivation.

In January 2006 Blackpool Music Academy first opened its doors at the Springfield Methodist Church on Bispham Road. Under the tutelage of retired college teacher, Jim Lomas, the academy soon grew from 22 students to 50 students in 6 months. Private tutor and music shop owner Steven Austin also a music examiner came on board to help as the demand increased. In 2007 the academy became a registered company Blackpool Music Academy Community Interest Company Ltd by Guarantee (Registration number 609121028)

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Bms has vacancies for all musical instruments vocals groups only with social distancing implemented and kept safe call 01253 695398 or go to http://www.blackpoolmusicschool.org

Music school Blackpool has vacancies for all ages covering most instruments groups one to one available lessure learning call 01253 695398

Blackpool music school can provide full recording and filming studio supported with a green screen back drop for example please see https://youtu.be/XjIFTCx48dA with a small charge from £25.00 per 2 hours call 01253695398

Blackpool music school are delighted to be offering this electric drum kit its ideal for a small area to be placed in can be folded up has excellent sounds can be used with head set. The kit was used for teaching one or twice a week it’s in top condition call 01253695398

Blackpool music school has on offer used sets of accustic drums we only require a small donnation that would help the charity in verious ways for more information please call 01253695398 or call in to BMS 420 waterloo road FY44BL

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